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YDLFN acts as the mediator amongst fashion professionals and companies, and offers designers, stylists, hair & makeup artists, photographers and models to connect with like-minded creatives and decision makers to help develop their business and increase their market potential. Foremost however, YDLFN aims to “professionalize” the interaction and cooperation amongst the fashion creatives and businesses.







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YDLFN is currently free of charge and offers its members a purely “fashion-centric” networking experience, providing exclusive access to unique and innovative projects. In addition, YDLFN offers tailored consulting services to fashion businesses, academic institutions and individuals, forming lasting partnerships to encompass the comprehensive needs of fashion professionals.




To guarantee users and visitors a high-quality experience, each profile is going before a panel of experts who can approved its content. The approval criteria do not solely apply to uploaded photos. Moreover, the experts look at the sincerity and maturity level of the provided answers with each application form. Furthermore, unsuccessful applicants receive constructive feedback to adjust their portfolio with the chance to re-apply.

In addition, YDLFN is continuously searching for new partners to offer innovative projects and events, which would give all YDLFN members a competitive advantage within the market.




After years of consulting experience in the fields of business, fashion and technology, Paul Karnowka, founder of YDLFN, has realized that a solid network and access to commercial projects remain the primary and biggest challenges talented fashion creatives face. Subsequently, YDLFN’s mission is to provide fashion professionals and companies with such access by acting as the mediator to Connect them with one another, Collaborate on projects, and Create new fashion opportunities.




Paul Karnowka & Anna Jolanta – with a combined 30 years of consulting experience, running large-scale projects in areas of business, fashion and IT.

  1. B2C – e-commerce and bricks & mortar retail experience
  2. B2B – complex online platforms and IT solutions
  3. Program & Project Management – management of large business projects in various industries and fields of expertise, including fashion shows and trade fairs




The company's headquarter is based in Germany’s fastest growing fashion capitol Berlin, aiming at the global market through gradual expansion strategies.
Office address:  Bismarckstr. 10-12, 10625 Berlin, Germany



  1. YDLFN Profiles and Networking Platform – offering a purely fashion-centric and curated networking experience outside of facebook (Connect Phase)
  2. YDLFN Project Board – for profile owners to post and bid for fashion projects within the YDL network (Collaborate Phase – in planning)
  3. YDLFN Opportunities – focusing on innovate and unique fashion events and projects exclusive for YDL profile owners, offering access to commercial opportunities and market exposure for fashion professionals (Create Phase  - in progress)
  4. YDLFN Business Services – covering planning and execution of the business specific needs of fashion individuals, companies and academic institutions
  5. YDLFN Partner Network – establishing and fostering a network of fashion schools and companies to identify and address the gaps between the academic and business world of fashion and encouraging cultural exchange




  1. Fashion-centric – attracting the “desired” audience and network
  2. Time-saving – searching for the right people with the right skills, hassle-free
  3. Professional setting – through a YDL Profile and curated profile content
  4. Extended networking – through extended communications & social media features
  5. Exclusive fashion community – quality standards and expert approval to ensure exclusivity
  6. Access to opportunities – commercial projects exclusive for approved members
  7. Years of experience – driven by a team with industry and business experience to provide guidance on the essential business aspects of fashion




  1. 3D Matrix fashion shooting
  2. “At Eye Level” fashion shooting
  3. Hosting podium discussions during the fashion show “ONIK” as part of the Berlin Fashion Week
  4. “Fashionsparkle” consulting service on comprehensive program management for 4 fashion startup events in Germany




  1. Fashion Designers – emerging and/or established
  2. Fashion Photographers
  3. Models & New Faces
  4. Stylists
  5. Hair & Makeup Artists
  6. Fashion Companies - agencies, retailers, fashion labels, service providers
  7. Academic Institutions with link to fashion




  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram


YDL Fashion Network (YDLFN)
Point of contact: Paul Karnowka
Address: Lloyd-G.-Wells-Str. 21
14163 Berlin, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 1522 3182497
URL: http://www.ydlfn.com
Email: info@ydlfn.com





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