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3D Fashion Shooting with 50 cameras covering a 140 degree angle, countless props and almost 500 lb of sand. The location for the shooting was Funkhaus Berlin. This project was initiated and organized by YDLFN for its launch of its latest 3D Photography Services.
Film / Editing by: Paul Georg, Zeitfeld
Photography by: Zeitfeld
Design by: Karin Brettmeister, Tatjana Mayer, Mona Stöcker, Andrea Curti, Porshz, Farrah Floyd
Styling by: Mona Stöcker
Makeup by: Ana Buvinic, Carmen Bardají, Virginia Rully
Hair styling by: Ana Buvinic, Carmen Bardají, Virginia Rully
Model / Actor: Nico Roeske, Tony Babczyk, Pornpailin Distakul, Camila Cardona, Keshia Alegra
Year: 2015
Location: Funkhaus, Berlin, Germany
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