YDLFN Interview with the Fashion Designer Amy Ward

date:25.05.2016 by:YDLFN,

YDLFN Interview with the Fashion Designer Amy Ward 

date: 25.05.2016 by: Diana Arhir




1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm Amy, I'm originally from Nottingham and I studied for my degree in fashion and Textile design in Bristol. I then moved to Berlin to continue my studies in Sustainable fashion and Textiles, as this was something that had become very interesting to me throughout my studies. I've worked with several designers and really love community projects and am very process driven. Textiles and knitwear are a big love of mine, and I really enjoy experimenting with different techniques.

2. How did your activity as Fashion Designer began? What was your motivation?

I love fine art and design, as well as working with my hands, this seemed to lead quite naturally into me working in textiles. From there I became very curious about not just the final products, but the creation of fibres and colours, so I started to research into sustainability. This became a big driving force for my work, but I never wanted to lose that sense of fun and curiosity from my work. I love the idea of it being an exploration for me and for others to engage with. 

3. What is the achievement you are mostly proud of?

I was recently part of the Eco Chic Design award in Hong Kong, and it was just such an incredible event. I got to meet so many interesting people, as well as having a great platform to help share ideas about sustainability in fashion and improve on some of the negative thoughts that surround it; sustainability is definitely not boring and beige!

4. What are your upcoming projects/activities?

I'm currently involved with OSCE days (Open Source, Circular Economy) and am running a series of workshops with other designers to help them consider the full life cycles of their products, as well as the potentials of collaboration. I am also making a new collection, that i'm very excited about so watch this space! I'm also really hoping to work on some collaborative projects throughout the year. 

5. Do you have any words/advice you would want to share with people willing to choose the career path that you have?

Stay curious. Don't stop asking questions and don't stop challenging your own practise otherwise it can get very stressful and boring. Find ways to keep yourself excited about what you do and collaborate with others, its one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences. 

6. How can people reach you out for more information or just to simply say ‘Hi’ to you?

 You can follow me on instagram at @co.knit and twitter @co__dk 


Thank you Amy for taking the time to participate in this interview and answering the questions. It is exciting to have you presented on our YDLFN platform. Keep up the good work!

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