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YDLFN promotes social engagement within the fashion industry

on March 31st, 2016, by YDLFN News Team, photos by Manolo Ty & Anna Spindelndreier, via



With its latest initiative “At Eye Level with YDLFN“, YDL Fashion Network decided to focuses on the human qualities in fashion, showing that the can indeed industry surpass its reputation of being merely skin deep. YDLFN wants to demonstrate that there is room for extraordinary people in the fashion business afterall. With this in mind, the company organized a fashion shooting with people suffering from the bone disorder Achondroplasia. Due to their unique proportions and body posture, this group of people also known as „people of short statue“ or “little people”, reside outside the industry norm of fashion design and garment manufacturing.

YDLFN also wants to highlight the need for equality and the potential market opportunities within the industry, for retailers, agencies, and manufacturers alike.


In order to synergyze creativity and social engagement, YDLFN drew back onto the experts from its exclusive fashion network resulting in a highly unique cooperation of individuals. This included fashion designer Sema Gedik who has set herself the goal to industrialize standard sizes for little people through her label "At Eye Level" and photographer Anna Spindelndreier, a person of short statue herself who brought in a unique perspective on the image composition. Together with the Berlin based photographer Manolo Ty, the photo shooting covered four models, all of short statue themselves.

In addition to covering the complex and sensitive subject, having two photographers on set brought a complete new perspective on just how different the approach and results are when looking at the final results.


While the photos illustrate and entry into a new market niche, attending to an audience eager to obtain fitting garments across the world, and otherwise exluded, YDLFN founder Paul Karnowka wants to subsequently raise attention to new possibilities and trends, emphasizing on human diversity within the fashion industry:

“It is amazing how a group of people with such different backgrounds and live-challenges come together through the YDL Fashion Network, all willing to work hard and potentially move the fashion industry into a profound and sustainable direction.

A wake-up call of new opportunities for everyone.“



The photo shooting was accompanied by the German TV station RBB, which will release a short documentary this year. The report about the photo shooting can be seen here.

You can see more photos on Manolo's and Anna's YDL Profiles.



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