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date:05.02.2016 by:YDLFN News Team,

YDL Fashion Network encourages social engagement and equality within the fashion industry

on 2nd February, 2016, photography by Paul Georg, text by YDLFN News Team, via YDL Fashion Network


“At Eye Level” with YDLFN

Shortly after this year’s first Berlin Fashion Week, YDL Fashion Network has initiated and organized a fashion shooting of a very different kind, namely for and with "little people". Given the social intricacies of such theme, the fashion shooting had been planned by YDLFN for over two month. The aim was to give “people of short statue” who are suffering from the bone disorder Achondroplasia (resulting in a small body posture), the opportunity to shine and show that confidence and freedom can indeed be invigorated through a set of fitting garments.


This initiative also wants to show the current situation and prevalent level of discrimination against people not fitting the "industry norm" of fashion design and garment manufacturing.



The creative concept focused on "dimensional perspectives" in regards to proportions versus fashion "norms". The fashion shooting took place in cooperation with fashion designer Sema Gedik and her label "At Eye Level" and the Rock-Paper Café. The shooting took place at the loft apartment "Atelier Aufbau Haus" in Berlin, Germany. The photo session was accompanied by the German regional television channel RBB, which will air a report and a documentary film in early February and March.

Special thanks go to the whole team:

  • Manolo Ty (Photography)
  • Anna Spindelndreier (Photography)
  • Sema Gedik (Fashion Design)
  • Laura Knoops (Creative Concept)
  • Rahime Orhan (Hair & Makeup)
  • Rim Zemuye (Hair & Makeup)
  • Evamaria Ehrmann (Model)
  • Mick Mehnert (Model)
  • Laura Christ (Model)
  • Janina Nagel (Model)
  • Diego Castellano (Technical Equipment & Catering)


Stay tuned for more updates on this very special photo shooting. See the actual photos and gain more insight about the people behind the scene and their stories. The shooting results will be released shortly and officially announced through our media partners.



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