YDL “Railway Catwalk” – making of TimeLaps video

date:27.06.2015 by:YDL Team,

The Making Of pictures from the YDL promotional Video shoot on the 14.06.2015 @ Berlin, Germany

On July 1st, 2015, by YDL Team, via YDL Fashion Network


During the Berlin Fashion Week in 2015, YDL Fashion Network will launch the beta version of its online YDL Platform.  As part of this launch, YDL has produced a promotion video to show its users that through the help of a solid network fashion projects can indeed be realized. The premier airing of the video will be at the Exit2015 fashion show, an event YDL is partial sponsor of.

Together with a great team, solely selected from the YDL network, the dynamics during the video shoot could not have been better.

The concept and story line were discussed with everyone involved and once people knew what they will be part of, everyone was on board and gave their best. The location was an iron-cast train manufacturing facility located at the Park Schoenenberg in Berlin, which perfectly put the atmosphere of a grandness into scene. The main dress with its vivid colours on the other hand, brought about its lightness through the delicate cuts of waving and almost chaotic fabrics.

The video shows a fashion project from start to finish. Starting on a drawing board, the dress springs to life and becomes reality for everyone involved. A fashion designer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, photographer, and models were all brought together by connecting with one another and forming the network needed in order to make the designers' concept a reality. The loop closes on the YDL Platform, leaving comments and rating people for their work and contribution, offering furhter opportunities to participate in future projects.

The pictures show the making off the video. The final version will be released on our website and social media channels shortly. Stay tuned!

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