The Wilhelm Lorch Foundation - chance for Fashion Designers

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The Wilhelm Lorch Foundation opens a chance for young Fashion Designers

On August 4th, 2015, by Wilchelm Lorch Stiftung, via Wilchelm Lorch Foundation


The objective of the Wilhelm Lorch Foundation is to foster and support young people in the textile and fashion sector by providing funding for training and further training opportunities. The Foundation's efforts in this field are supported by leading figures and companies from this sector. Around € 60,000 of the Foundation's income will be distributed in the form of prizes in 2016.

If you work in our industry, or are engaged in an apprenticeship or course of study preparatory to beginning a career in the sector, or if you are interested in advanced training for yourself, then you could be the right person to become a prizewinner of the Wilhelm Lorch Foundation.

We don't provide setting up business.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is October 28, 2015. Applications and dissertations from outside Germany should be submitted in German or English only. Applications via email will not be accepted.

The Awards Selection Committee will decide, end of February 2016, who is to receive the Awards. The presentation ceremony takes place during the TextilWirtschaft Forum on May 11th and 12th, 2016. To receive the award, recipients must attend the Forum in person. Please send your application to:

Michaela Berger
Mainzer Landstraße 251
D-60326 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 0049 69 7595 1305

Funding advanced training in the retail trade

The Foundation provides funding for basic and advanced training opportunities open to talented young people already working in the retail trade of the fashion sector. 

Eligible for funding grants are young people who have shown remarkable promise in terms of their performance in specific fields and/or their all-round commitment in day-to-day practice. Applications can be submitted by young professional/s who have distinguished themselves in the retail trade, in their companies, or in company training courses. Also eligible are employed persons engaging in self-study programmes and those already in full-time employment who wish to build on their existing knowledge by attending evening courses. 

Grants are available to cover tuition fees at schools both in and outside Germany. As set forth in the Foundation's charter, monies must be used for sector-specific training and further training purposes only. The application should include references provided by the candidate's instructor or human resources manager. Moreover, applicants should clearly show the relationship between their current job, the advanced training programme, and their career objective. Preference will be given to applicants who do not themselves have the financial means to attend further training courses. Age limit: 28 years. 

Your application should include:

  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form suitable for copying, together with a passport photograph
  • copies of school, professional or studies certificates
  • a brief description of your current employment
  • a description of the envisaged sector-specific training course, and reasons why the programme should continue into the future
  • a timeframe and financial plan for the further training programme; please indicate the institution
  • a description of your career goals
  • at least one reference from your instructor/human resources manager or superior with a statement indicating the reasons why you should be put forward for an award
  • details of your family background

Prizes for work presented in final examination

The Foundation awards prizes to completed works of direct relevance to the fashion sector, the textile trade and/or the garment manufacturing industry, as well as related fields. The project can be concerned with design, economy, sourcing, logistics, textile and clothing engineering, and communication or interdisciplinary subjects, such as ecology, digital media, and international interweavement.

Particularly worthy of support are bachelor/master theses or university dissertations on creative, economic or technical subjects relevant to the textile and fashion sector. As stipulated in the Foundation's charter, funding is to be used for training purposes only. Embargoed projects will be treated in the strictest confidence and neither disclosed nor published. Age limit: 32.

Your application should include:

  • a curriculum vitae in tabular form suitable for copying, together with a passport photograph and certificates
  • details of your current employment
  • a description of how you see your education and career continuing in the future
  • your career goals
  • a statement about how you would use the prize money for advanced training should you be selected, please indicate the institution and the fees.
  • a complete, bound copy of the dissertation including drawings / tableaux / fabric swatches, if appropriate. If absolutely necessary, please send one part of the collection only. Photographs are the better choice in such cases. Please ensure, that the documents are well packed and labeled. No liability can be accepted for damage in transit.
  • a brief description of the content of the dissertation (max. two pages)
  • a reference from the university lecturer concerned on headed paper of the faculty, including details of the grade awarded
  • in the case of dissertations linked to a specific company, a letter of approval from the company for submission to the Wilhelm Lorch Foundation.

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