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The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) will host a lingerie industry forum in November

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26-27 November 2015: the Lingerie Industry Forum will take place in Liepaja in Latvia. The agency LIAA, whose objective is to promote business development in Latvia by facilitating foreign investment, will take guests on a tour of the country’s leading lingerie brands and host an industry conference and catwalk over a three day event, which will commence on November 25.

Attendees will arrive in Riga before visiting two manufactures - Rosme and Amoralle - in the capital. On the second day they will travel to the seaside town of Liepaja, Latvia’s hub for lingerie manufacturing, to attend a lunch, conference and evening catwalk. Key speakers at the conference include Triumph head of fashion Evita Dokane, Figleaves head of buying Jenni Burt and LIAA director Andris Ozols.

On the final day, attendees will visit lingerie and fabric manufacturers Lauma Farbrics, Lauma Lingerie, Emme Latvia, V.O.V.A, and Orhideja.


Apply to attend the three day lingerie forum by clicking here.


The textile sector is the cornerstone of Latvian industry, contributing to 4.4% to the country’s GDP. An integral part of textile production in Latvia is lingerie manufacturing, especially in Liepaja, which alone hosts more than 50 manufacturers. France is the only other European country with a higher concentration of lingerie manufacturers.


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