YDL – ready for the challenge

date:06.09.2014 by:Paul Karnowka,

Young Designers Lounge has big plans to support the emerging Fashion Artists.

On September 6th, 2015, by YDL Team, via YDL Fashion Network


The current fashion market is highly competitive and dynamic. With fashion trends being faced with continuously shorter life-cycles, the demand for unique styles and fashion genres is emerging as customers become more demanding. Subsequently, the mandate to offer unique independent fashion is becoming increasingly import. It is difficult however, for emerging “Fashion Artists” such as fashion designers, photographers, stylists, hair & makeup artists and models to successfully enter the market as many of these fashion artists are facing similar obstacles.

Establishing an effective and visible online presence, building a strong and supportive network, sourcing reliable people and suppliers, finding and collaborating on projects, and reaching new customers are daunting and often costly endeavours, leaving little time to focus on fashion itself. The main problem remains access to opportunities.

YDL aims offer a solution to the barriers of access and reduce some of the obstacles to such undertakings. The company recognizes the creative and commercial potential of connecting fashion designers with other like-minded and fashion-oriented collaborators and companies.

Young Designers Lounge is excited about providing access to fashion opportunities for people to connect… collaborate… create.



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