Fashion Week Poland

date:18.11.2015 by:YDL Team,

A visit at the Fashion Week Poland (FWPL) in Łódź

on November 17th, 2015, by YDL Fashion Network, via YDLFN

With two annual shows in four consecutive years, the 13th Fashion Week Poland (FWPL) organized by FashionPhylosophy has marked steadfast and growing new opportunities for the fashion industry in Poland. Naturally the FWPL is running on a smaller scale and with a lot less media attention than the Berlin Fashion Week for example. But perhaps it is exactly this what makes this event so special.

The talented designers had more to show than just good craftsmanship. Some of the designs easily hold their ground in areas of innovation and esthetics, strongly leaning toward minimalism and touching on Scandinavian bearings. More so, the designers and all other participants did not seem to be guided by mistrust or skepticism but were rather eager to do business, inside as well as outside of Poland. This in fact was a refreshing way to engage in discussions about possible cooperation and business opportunities. Surprising was also the quality of modeling the event had to show. Most of the models where trained runway models knowing how to walk the walk and "wear" the dress.

The organization as a whole was nothing but exemplary. The organizers were approachable at any time. The staff was incredibly friendly despite the stress and hectic coordination efforts. Overall the hospitality was unmatched to that of fashion weeks in other locations.

After visiting the FWPL, it seems that sometimes less is indeed more... in more than one ways. 

For an impression of the show, feel free to browse through the photo gallery.



About Fashion Week Poland (via FWPL):

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is Poland’s largest event in the fashion industry aimed at an international audience. When formulating new trends we simultaneously create a plane where outstanding designers and young creators can meet professionals from the fashion industry and build up a business awareness of the milieu. The programme of the event revolves around three main segments which constitute a review of the coming trends in both classic and avant garde fashion.

Designer Avenue – during the four days of Fashion Week Poland premiere showings of exclusive pret-a-porter are presented here by the best Polish clothes designers and special guests from abroad. The review, condensed into a single place and time, forms an extraordinary spectacle of creativity and variety in approaches to fashion. The shows presented in Designer Avenue are collections by invited guests, as well as by designers whose applications have been appraised positively by the Programme Committee of  FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland and commercial shows by brands and companies.

OFF Out of Schedule – a segment in which the floor is handed over to representatives of the fashion avant garde – designers who break accepted conventions and seek new means of expression, stressing what is untypical, contrasting or controversial in fashion. This is a platform where various fields of art mingle – photography, music, visual arts and dance. It is a meeting place for both designers unknown to the wider public and avoiding commercial exposure, and young as yet undiscovered talents who have an opportunity to surprise the audience. Participation at OFF Out of Schedule has started off the careers of such designers as Jacek Kłosiński, Joanna Startek, Jakub Pieczarkowski and Jarosław Ewert. Paulina Plizga, a designer whose name is extremely well known in the avant garde fashion world, is a regular participant.

STUDIO – a new section of the programme which is a kind of incubator for designers whose collections may soon be hosted  by the Designer Avenue catwalk. This is a space for designers who have been noticed and highly rated by the Programme Committee of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. By expanding the event’s programme to include an extra section, they will have the opportunity to present selected premiere collections in a professionally prepared space in the Monopolis.

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