YDLFN & Friends - Triple Launch Event

date:06.01.2016 by:YDLFN News Team,

YDLFN launching its 3D Photography Services at the TRIPLE LAUNCH: NETWORK IN FASHION & FILM



To celebrate the launch of our 3D Fashion Photography Services, we have teamed up with our partners and friends Bikini Berlin-based designer store LNFA and Berlin Fashion Film Festival to celebrate a triple launch.

The theme of the evening is Fashion Networking and the launch of ours and our partners' fashion campaigns. Starting from 8pm, expect an evening of free drinks, presents, photography, film and the chance to win another three acclaimed hard cover and best selling fashion books with stunning photography and must know fashion insights. In addition, you get a chance to win tickets to the upcoming Berlin Fashion Film Festival and get additional discounts at the LNFA designer concept store. 

Most importantly, this is a chance to GROW YOUR FASHION NETWORK with creatives, businesses, and decision makers. 


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