Berlin Fashion Week – Exit 2015 Show

date:14.07.2015 by:YDL Team,

Young Designers Lounge co-sponsors the Exist 2015 fashion show on the 11.07.2015 in Berlin, Germany

On July 14th, 2015, by YDL Team, via YDL Fashion Network


Twice a year the Berlin Fashion Week hosts over 200 events and shows. The fashion buzz is usually dominated by known and established shows such as Premium, Mercedes Fashion Week, and Panorama, to mention just a few. Many other events take place however, slightly diffusing the intensity of the main events’spotlights. These shows to a great extend, are professionally organized, culturally rich and full of opportunities for the next generation of fashion designers, repeatedly proving that Berlin is indeed a hub of creativity and innovation.

Lette Verein established in 1866, is one of the ten major fashion schools in Berlin. Unlike the other schools, which fall under the umbrella of the sponsored major fashion shows, the Lette Verein Exit 2015 class has taken the risk to plan and host its own show at the impressive KPMG Atrium this year, presenting 14 students and their work to a selected number of guest, VIPs and fashion companies.

The class of 2015 curated the topic of fashion as the progressive medium. This years’ theme asked the question: “What is fashion capable of?” The reputation of being artificial and skin-deep may be true for many aspects of the fashion industry however, the process of creating an inspiring dress remains closely bound to the emotional realm, reflecting the continuous challenges and accomplishments societies face.

The students in turn, were faced with this subject for three years during the course of their education. Indeed this approach brings new challenges to a youth confronted with a fast moving industry and an Instagram-Nation, where trends often do not outlast three Likes of so called followers. Endurance and discipline have marked the collections of this years’ Exit 2015 show. Undeniably, one can see the hard work, consistent focus, intricate thought-process and a new sense of creativity within the showcased garments.

As an acknowledgement of the students’ exciting journey and unremitting dedication, Young Designers Lounge has decided to co-sponsor the event and offer a lounge area for students and guests with a YDL information stand, lounge seating, and a professional photo setup. 

This achknoledgement belongs to all graduates of the year 2015:

Britta Zagrai, Fabian Leinweber, Iris Petit, Laura Reipert, Maria Wallenstein, Martha Bohne, Mariya Filipenko, Lea Marie Koch, Isabel Eggers, Tania Moser, Dusting Charles Frank Le Marque, Fabio Ziplies, Annika Häusler, Pia Bargatzki, Bentje Lehmann, Lara-Marlou Metzlaff, Anastasia Otto, Anke Lorenz, Ella Imig, Luisa Krebs, Sonja Johnson, Dan Winkler, Sascha Johrden, Navina Dembczyk, Jan Kirdorf

The actual creativity and emotional testimony of the students’ collections should be described in fewer words and speak through the pictures themselves. YDL has therefore asked the students at the show to pose with their models wearing their favourite pieces.







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