YDLFN & Zeitfeld 3D Fashion Shooting - Behind the Scenes

date:04.01.2016 by:YDLFN News Team,

Behind the Scenes of the YDLFN 3D Fashion Shooting

on 4th January, 2016, photography by Daniel Salaw, via YDL Fashion Network


As part of YDLFN's launch of it's 3D Editorial Fashion Photography Services, using camera technology by Zeitfeld, the team is ramping up to present the final results at an event during the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week.

The large-scale 2-day production with a team of approximately twenty experts and creatives from within the fashion and the local technology industry, have come together at the outskirts of Berlin, Germany to create an editorial photography setting one of its kind, establishing new and innovative benchmarks within the fashion industry. The shooting offered an entirely new perspective and creative challenges for designers, stylists, hair & makeup artists, and models. 

The selected "Tribal / Earth" theme was largely invigorated through an abundance of carefully selected props from the München/Berlin Film & Theater Rentals. In addition, the props included nearly a quarter of a ton (500 lb) of actual sand and approximately 20 plants to the shooting set in order to strengthen the authenticity of the earth-bound theme and enhance the participants' the creative motivation.

Just to highlight some of the main feats...

- a team of 20 people
- more than 20 plants
- almost 500 lb of sand
- over 100 other individual props
- 50 cameras (provided by Zeitfeld)

The sand in particular posed a challenge for Zeitfeld's technical team as their equipment needed to be protected from the sand dust rising throughout the studio, which in turn needed to be taken into consideration with the organization and time-planning of the daily shooting schedule.



Carmen Bardají, one of the makeup artists on set with event management experience herself mentioned: 

I´ve been working as an event manager for more than 10 years for German, Portuguese and Spanish clients. In my opinion, everything was very well organized, the ambient was very relaxed but also very professional. All the people working were very nice with us.


Others where similarly impressed by the setup and the organization:

"I really liked how the shooting was organized, not too many people and you really kept time with everything, without anyone falling short. I never participated in a 3D fashion shooting beforeand must say that it was really exciting. I learnt a lot and was overwhelmed by the team and the technical setup. All together it was a very cool day!"

Tony Babczyk (Model)


"It was amazing! I really like the set with the sand and plants and so on. It was really my favorite theme. I never see so many cameras at once! It was a great experience for me to know how actually such "3D shooting" works. So yes, I definitely like what you guys are doing. And I think I can’t talk much about how good it was organized, because for me it was all good from the beginning until end. So all great! Thanks again for this opportunity and I wish that there will be a next time."

Virginia Rully (Hair & Makeup Artist)


YDLFN is looking forward to get similar response from its audience during the planned launch. More information about the event and such as time and location will be announced in due course.


Stay tuned for more updates and read previous articles about the 3D Fashion Shooting in our NEWS section.



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