YDLFN & Zeitfeld are calling for their 3D fashion shoot!

date:09.10.2015 by:YDL Team,

YDLFN is calling for Fashion Professionals for its 3D editorial photo shooting!


As a highlight planned for November, YDL Fashion Network, in cooperation with our partner Zeitfeld, is giving away the chance to participate in our photo shooting worth over 10000 Euro
We are therefore looking for fashion creatives who would like to join us and get the chance to enhance their portfolio with a one-of-a-kind photographic experience.
Move your mouse over the image below to see the extraordinary 3D "Bullet Time" effects!  

Design: Kaska Hass, Photography: Martin Hoppe, Lightpainting: Till Phoelmann  


Design: Fiona Bennett, Photography: Seregel  


Design: Marc Cain, Photography: Seregel  


What is this about?

This photo shooting includes a very unique and innovate 3D technology called "Bullet Time". The setup consists of 50 cameras with 25 frames per second, rendering an animated Matrix-like shot viewable from a 140 degree angle. This technology allows the creativity of a normal fashion shooting to take on new dimensions, setting time as a true playground for the creative concept you can be part of.

Here are some examples of the amazing content we will achieve with this project.


This project is based on Time For Print only however, it brings stunning results and offers a great opportunity to add something unique and beautiful to your portfolio, giving you a distinct advantage over the competition.

What are we looking for?

  • Fashion Designers: three fashion designers who would be interested in showcasing pieces form some of their collections. The collections will be selected by our team based on the concept of the shooting.
  • Stylists: one stylist experienced with new and experimental photo shootings. A person who can see things from different perspectives, not afraid to conquer uncharted fashion territory.
  • Makeup: two makeup artist who can bring in the wow effect for close ups within difficult light conditions and accentuate the mood of the planned concept.
  • Hair: one hair stylist who understands and likes to work in geometrical shapes, through the craft of styling or accessorizing.
  • Models: four models (female and male) with experience in areas of Studio, Promotional, Editorial and Fashion modeling, able to take directions with and good posing techniques.
  • Backstage Photograph: photographer who has experience in fashion and editorial photo shootings and who is not afraid to work on site, someone with good post-editing skills.

Some of these can of course be combined and covered by one person if that person feels to have the necessary skills.

When and where is it taking place?

The shooting is planned between the 27th and 29th of November this year in Berlin, Germany and will take two days of shooting.
The shooting takes place at the historical Funkhaus Berlin, a monumental reminiscence of the former DDR. The rented space provides a "dark room" to emphasize the amazing 3D effects of the photo shoot.
This location is currently undergoing re-construction to become the biggest creative center of Europe. It also hosts the largest and second largest recording studio in the world, still being used today.


How do I apply?

Ideally, every candidate should apply by registering and applying for a YDL Profile under our YDLFN platform. This helps us best assess your portfolio and provide you with maximum exposure of your work should you be selected for this or other exclusive projects.

Please provide the Reference Code: 3D123 during your initial registration and send us your application to application@ydlfn.com telling us about yourself and providing us with samples of your work (.jpg/.pdf format or as a link to your website).

The new Application Deadline is the 14th of November, 2015.
After the deadline, we will inform the winners by email and invite them for a personal introduction to our office in Berlin.


General Information:

Catering and other logistics are included.
The accreditation will be granted to all active participants.
The shooting will be documented through a photo and/or video blog.
Participants will get restricted rights of usage and be automatically approved for a YDL Profile.

More about the technology:

The effect called "frozen time" or "bullet time" is achieved, when a moving object is photographed from different angles at the same time with many cameras simultaneously, a so-called camera array. The subsequent pictures are combined together into a film or animation. The more cameras are used, the longer the resulting animation or film. The frozen time effect is a very unique combination of both photo and film: On one side the pictures represent a single moment in time as shown on a normal photo, on the other hand they show the characteristics of movement as seen in a film.



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YDL Team, October 10th, 2015
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