YDLFN 3D Fashion Shoot with Zeitfeld - It's a wrap!

date:07.12.2015 by:YDLFN Team,

YDLFN re-defines conventional online editorial fashion photography

on July 7th, 2015, by YDL Team, photography by Paul Georg via YDLFN


November the 27th and 28th, 2015 has seen the YDLFN team take on the daunting challenge of producing a 3D fashion shooting inside a private studio at the historical Funkhaus Berlin. Not many people are familiar with the concept of a 3D photo shooting and hardly anyone from the team fully understood the implications and challenges they would be faced with, considering an array of 50 cameras and a circumferential angle of 140 degrees. The 3D fashion shooting technique provided by Zeitfeld covers aspects of an image, which up until now have been to some part neglected by the majority of conventional online editorial photography. Unlike a panoramic view, the 3D fashion approach also called Bullet Time™, places the object of interest in the central point of the viewers' perspective allowing the viewer to virtually walk around the subject.



For YDLFN it was important to source the technical capabilities from Berlin, Germany in order  to tap into a pool of technical experts form within the rising "Tech" startup scene. This is why Zeitfeld, a Berlin-based company was selected as the technical solutions provider. The planing for this shooting was very intensive, as the YDLFN creative team needed to think beyond the usual two-dimensions realm in terms of their skills.

As one of the participating makeup artists said it best...

“One of the things that I like and must emphasize about the 3D shooting, was the opportunity to give another dimension to our work all within one picture. As Make-Up Artists we have the difficult decision to decide between the front, the side or the back of the models within a single one-dimensional picture. With this 3D technique however, we can show every angle of our work. Now the viewer can see what was previously hidden."


Thanks to the rigorous planing, a careful selection of participants, and the experience of the technical experts by Zeitfeld, YDLFN managed to put together a team of highly skilled and talented professionals from within and outside the YDL Fashion Network who marked the set for two full and rather intensive days of shooting.


About the YDLFN 3D Editorial Fashion Shooting

The 3D editorial fashion shooting revealed stunning results, which continue to amaze all participants, viewers and customers alike. More importantly however, it enables fashion labels and other brands to cover multiple campaigns within one single editorial picture, saving time and costs. The 3D photo strip makes consumer engagement more intimate and personal than ever before. Through the use of multiple focus points, each product or campaign can be individually isolated from a specific viewing angle (or camera's lense), while harmonizing with and completing the overall creative styling and concept of the label or company.

YDLFN sees the future of online editorial photography moving onto a new dimensional plane. It provides companies and customers with an exceptional and unforgettable experience while intensifying the emotional engagement with the brand.


YDLFN will launch the results during the upcoming Berlin Fashion Week in January 2016 with more updates ahead. In the meantime, stay up to date with teasers and "behind the scenes" sneak peaks via our  website and social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook




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