Nanotex introduces Durable Wear technology for apparel

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Nanotex introduces Durable Wear technology for apparel

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Nanotex, a Crypton company and a leading fabric innovator providing nanotechnology-based textile enhancements to the apparel, home and commercial/residential interiors markets, has introduced its Nanotex Durable Wear technology for apparel applications. According to the company, the Nanotex Durable Wear technology is modified at the molecular level to resist wear and prolong cotton and cotton rich life by offering abrasion resistance and strength protection durability.


Nanotex and its Nanotex Durable Wear technology is being utilized in the new line of kids clothing called Cat & Jack launched in July at Target. Nanotex Durable Wear technology fits with the line’s Tough Cotton requirement to add wear resistance to cotton and cotton rich garments, the company reports. Nanotex is incorporated in the Boys’ Reinforced Knee Flat Front Pant – Cat & Jack TM and the Boys’ Reinforced Knee Pleated Pant – Cat & Jack. “At Nanotex, we are continually researching how science and technology can enhance fabrics so our brand partners have new ways to compete in the marketplace,” explained Randy Rubin, CEO of Nanotex. “Retailers are now coming to us and asking for us to push the boundaries of ordinary fabric to reach new capabilities such as extending the life of the fabric to resist wear and tear from kids, hence the debut of Nanotex Durable Wear with Target.”

Last month, Nanotex and Cotton Incorporated, the research and promotion company of U.C. cotton producers, announced Nanotex Dry Inside technology for cotton apparel. This technology is said to enable effective moisture transfer away from skin, eliminating dampness and chaffing, in 100% cotton apparel, while maintaining the additional comfort aspects of garments made from the natural fibre.

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