How to go green with eco-friendly clothing

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How to go green with eco-friendly clothing

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If you thought the trend in clothing was showing your nips, you couldn’t be more wrong. So, what is the trend you ask? Well, first and foremost–it’s going green! Living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t limited to recycling water bottles and buying a few plants. No! You can choose to go green through your clothing, as well. I know, you’re wondering if you’ll be stuck to wearing a burlap sack. I have some good news. You can wear more than just a burlap sack, you can actually be quite stylish with eco-friendly clothing.Listen, clothing designers have to keep their ears to the ground. They know their customers are doing more to sustain the earth and the environment. So, they are getting in on the eco-friendly trend.

And, I’m not trying to diminish going green. It is not a trend, it is definitely a lifestyle that we should all follow as best we can. The more knowledge and research you perform on the subject, the more actions you can take. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing–baby steps are fine, as long as you continue to build upon what you have learned about going green. So, let’s talk about eco-friendly friendly fashion, okay?

Eco-friendly and trendy

Top designers are already embracing synthetic and recycled materials. Lynette Pone McIntyre,Lucky magazine’s senior market editor said, “When eco-fashion started, the fabrication wasn’t as great. It felt very burlappy. The quality wasn’t quite there. Over the past 10 years, technology has changed so much. You can’t tell what’s eco-friendly or not. People are really caring where their clothing is coming from — anyone from 10-, 12-year-olds to 90-year-olds. Just like they care where their food is coming from, their carbon footprint.”

Currently, green apparel makes up about $5 billion in the $200 billion fashion industry. Still, a decade ago, it wasn’t even half a billion dollars. As you can see, eco-fashion has come a long way. Designers are taking it one step further by producing apparel that people want to wear. This isn’t about the pleather jackets from the 70s.Sass Brown, acting assistant dean of the Fashion Institute of Technology’s School of Art and Design shared, “Initially, when green fashion started to make any kind of inroads into the apparel industry, it was headed by activists. Now it’s headed by designers and all tiers of distribution and all taste levels and all price points.”

Just as an example, you can purchase vegan shoes in a wide variety of styles and colors. In addition, there are many faux-leather vegan designs and faux fur. They’re just as plush and beautiful as their real counterparts too.

Several decades ago, celebrities and the elites of society, flaunted fur coats and leather wear. Today, it’s rare to see a celebrity actually wear real fur. Green fashion is certainly making many inroads. Plus, technology is helping to push it even further.

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