Arts of Fashion Competition 2017

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Arts of Fashion Competition 2017

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To participate to the international Arts of Fashion competition 2017, applicants should register online. The application fee is $40 for the Fashion or Accessory category. If applicants wish to register in both categories, the application fee is $75. After confirmation of registration each applicant should submit a file of drawings/illustrations of a mini collection of 3 outfits in menswear, womenswear or a mixed collection of both menswear and womenswear or 3 accessories.

Please read carefully the regulations below and remember that the AoFF competition is open to students registered in a School or University during the year 2016/2017 and especially before the deadline to receive their project: April 1st, 2017. When a first student from an institution registered, the name of his/her School or University appears on the AoFF website page of the competition. The main criteria for being part of the first 50 selected are truly creativity in Fashion design and concept, as well as a well-crafted project. When the first jury meets at the end of April, samples of fabric / material are also highly inportant in the student file. This is why we do not accept file submission online.

The competition is open to students studying Fashion, Art and Design anywhere in the world during the academic year 2016-2017. Participants will not only represent themselves, but also their Schools, Colleges or Universities, as well as their Countries.
- Candidates must be current students and cannot be professionally employed in the fashion industry at the time of the submission of their project. 
- Candidates must design their own original projects completely by themselves.
- Candidates must follow the design and specifications outlined in their application for realization of their final project. 
- Registration must be submitted on an individual basis and in the chosen categories.
- Online registration, applications, and final projects received after the deadlines will not be accepted. Registration fees are non refundable.
- Projects selected in the International Final 2017 cannot be presented in another U.S. competition during the year 2017. Projects selected in the International Final 2017 cannot be exibited and published without the written mention: selected or awarded for the Arts of Fashion International Student Competition 2017.

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