YDLFN Services for Fashion Creatives 

YDL Fashion Network (YDLFN) recognizes and understands the uncertainties and hardships individual fashion professionals are faced with when it comes to the business aspects of fashion. May it be as an employee, a contractor or a business owner looking to establish or enhance their brand, promote and sell their products, or improve their existing job prospects. We know that fashion means business and therefore offer individual consulting advice to all fashion creatives hungry for success.


The services include:

  • - Positioning yourself most effectively – know the traditional & online marketing methods
  • - Reach your audience – use social media & content management strategies
  • - Get more out of a deal – improve your negotiations skills
  • - Protect your creativity – know about copyright and how it can protect or hurt you
  • - Ace the interview and get the job you want – know the best interviewing and CV writing skills
  • - Learn to read your customers – understand customer behavior and your e-commerce possibilities
  • - Manage your products successfully through better project management skills
  • - Provide excellent products or services – why do I need to quality management?
  • - IT is complicated – what you need to know before spending money on your own website


We offer a one-on-one consultation as well as grouped seminars and workshops at various locations in Europe. Seminars and workshops are announced on the YDLFN website or through YDLFN’s social media channels. The services are offered in English and German language.


To inquire about our services for fashion individuals or to find out more about our workshops, please reach out to our team using our Contact form.

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