Tatjana Mayer
Fashion Designer
City: Hanover
Country: Germany
Gender: Female
School: fahmoda - Academy for fashion and design, University Hannover
Language skills: German, English, Russian
Mntreal is reaching its goals for establishing a modern, fresh brand that focuses on special knitted apparel fabrics.Many sophisticated details are creating an environment, where clear lines are forming a unique brand image.Our philosophy starts with the selection of high quality fiber. The handcrafted wool yarn invites you to participate within the clothing process from the beginning.The opportunities of creating surfaces, with methods such as knitting, open new ways for the clothing industry.
Womanswear, Casual, Evening, Knit, Leather, Menswear, Knit, Sustainable production, Local production, Organic fabrics, Clothing technology
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Tatjana, we had amazing results from your collection with out 3D shooting! Thank you!
January 22, 2016
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