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YDL Fashion Network brings together the core creative people and businesses within the fashion industry. We act as a platform to provide access to collaboration opportunities with a primary focus on fashion. We connect our YDLFN members with other creatives and companies and offer an exclusive access to a quality-driven and curated network of professionals and fashion related projects.


In addition to our growing online features, YDL Fashion Network offers hands-on consulting services tailored to the needs of the individual fashion professional as well as the fashion business and the academic institution.


Please click each link for more information. For other service inquiries, please reach out to our sales team using our Contact form.

YDLFN Services for Fashion Creatives 

YDL Fashion Network (YDLFN) recognizes and understands the uncertainties and hardships individual fashion professionals are faced with when it comes to the business aspects of fashion. May it be as an employee, a contractor or a business owner looking to establish or enhance their brand, promote and sell their products, or improve their existing job prospects. We know that fashion means business and therefore offer individual consulting advice to all fashion creatives hungry for success.


The services include:

  • - Positioning yourself most effectively – know the traditional & online marketing methods
  • - Reach your audience – use social media & content management strategies
  • - Get more out of a deal – improve your negotiations skills
  • - Protect your creativity – know about copyright and how it can protect or hurt you
  • - Ace the interview and get the job you want – know the best interviewing and CV writing skills
  • - Learn to read your customers – understand customer behavior and your e-commerce possibilities
  • - Manage your products successfully through better project management skills
  • - Provide excellent products or services – why do I need to quality management?
  • - IT is complicated – what you need to know before spending money on your own website


We offer a one-on-one consultation as well as grouped seminars and workshops at various locations in Europe. Seminars and workshops are announced on the YDLFN website or through YDLFN’s social media channels. The services are offered in English and German language.


To inquire about our services for fashion individuals or to find out more about our workshops, please reach out to our team using our Contact form.

YDLFN Fashion Business Services

YDL Fashion Network offers the perfect fashion platform and expertise for businesses to access a growing and professional fashion network. YDLFN Business Services provide access to a wide range of fashion professionals who can meet the needs of your next product campaign, event, or other project. 


The services include:

  • - Comprehensive event planing & organization including customer / visitor management
  • - Organizing and executing photo shootings including video productions where desired
  • - Scouting for fashion professionals meeting your campaign requirements within our exclusive YDL Fashion Network
  • - Event & project communication
  • - Media design (digital and print) as well as development of your business website


Our customers are at the heart of our business. We welcome any company which seeks a team of experienced people who can work within time and budget to realize your next product campaign or fashion project.


To find out more, please reach out to our sales team using our Contact form.


YDLFN Academic Services

YDL Fashion Network is continuously seeking academic partners to increase the number of fashion opportunities for the schools and their students. We therefore offer the possibility to identify and close the gaps between the creative process and the business challenges within the fashion industry. Our services aim at enhancing the schools' internal operations as well as the syllabus and program content to strengthen its reputation and loyal student base. The students in turn, gain the opportunity to acquire needed business skills, preparing them for daily scenarios they face in the world of fashion.


We pursue a sustainable and lasting partnership with each individual institution. The relationship and approach with each school is therefore unique, based on the schools’ focus and specialization.


Some services include:

  • - Assessing needed business aspects of the offered academic programs
  • - Business mentoring and promotion opportunities for all students
  • - Conducting seminars, workshops, and podium discussions on and off campus
  • - Fostering exchange programs amongst fashion schools
  • - Production of promotional and fashion videos for the schools' intent
  • - Event planning, coordination and execution
  • - News, photography and video reporting of graduate and other fashion shows
  • - Online presentation via a YDL Academic Profile
  • - Process optimization of internal operations


YDL Fashion Network see great potential in uniting fashion schools across the world and building bridges between academic and commercial bodies. We strongly believe in creating new opportunities and are therefore continuing to extend our academic network.


If you have more questions on the services or would like to become part of the YDL Academic Network, please reach out to our sales team using our Contact form.

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