Simply put...

YDL Fashion Network is about fashion professionals and companies… this includes the designer, photographer, stylist, hair and makeup artist, model, as well as fashion companies offering fashion related products or services. Our sole purpose is to act as an exclusive network to help promote the collaboration amongst fashion individuals and companies, while providing access to new fashion opportunities.

What we do...

YDL Fashion Network (YDLFN) is a fashion collaboration platform with social media and networking features. YDLFN is committed to help the individual and company grow their fashion network. Our unique offer lies in drawing together the core people and companies to work together on a wide range of projects within a specialized and fashion-centric community.

YDLFN offers a targeted approach to present and share creative ideas and products. The YDLFN platform provides an easy way for an exclusive online presence with social media capabilities, helping the user grow their network and attract new partners and potential customers.

YDL Fashion Network does the marketing for the user. We continue to invest in unique projects and campaigns to maximize the exposure of the portfolio. YDLFN is also engaged in PR & Marketing activities and organizes fashion events, seminars and workshops, and runs various competitions.

Why we do it…

YDLFN is inspired by inspiring others and will continuously work on new and innovative ways to promote the creative person or company behind the fashion in the most sensible way. We want to create opportunities and break barriers.

YDL Fashion Network believes that if the person leads, design, art and opportunities will follow.

Who we are...

YDL Fashion Network was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Our business focuses on the “fashion professional” and "fashion business". We define the fashion professional as the emerging as well as experienced designer, stylist, photographer, model, and the hair & makeup artist, while the fashion business focuses on providing and seeking new and innovative fashion related products and services.

Our team consists of experienced and passionate people acting within commercial, academic, and governmental institutions who are keeping our YDLFN business at the top of the fashion industry.

Our company’s main objective is to act as the enabler for you to help turn ideas and creations into tangible new projects.

Through our exclusive YDL Fashion Network platform we offer three principles, which are at the heart of our business:


Connect… with like-minded people and companies to grow your network

Collaborate… on fashion projects through YDLFN announcements and competitions

Create… new news and opportunities for creative ideas and commercialize on fashion trends

What we value...

YDL Fashion Network bases its principles on the following values:


Creativity: Be creative and unique, be courageous but be smart

Self-Worth: Stay true to yourself and to what you offer

Respect: Respect others, their ideas and opinions

Quality: Produce sustainable quality over short-lived quantity

Teamwork: Work as a team and learn to trust in others

Discipline: Work hard, stay professional and show perseverance

What you get...

Becoming a member of YDL Fashion Network provides access to a unique fashion community. In addition to a YDL -approved profile users can benefit from extensive social media and networking features, while utilizing the company’s ongoing marketing activities. With a free YDL membership individual and companies get access to networking opportunities such as events and workshops. YDLFN is continuing to bring interesting and innovative new fashion projects to its members.

The registration and a YDL profile are free. Each user however, must submit their aplication. The profile application will then be reviewed by our experts to ensure all quality standards are met.  We aim to provide constructive feedback whenever possible.

Only with an exclusive and approved YDL Profile you will be able to:

  • Present yourself and your fashion portfolio

  • Connect with designers, photographers,
    models and stylists

  • Network through social media features

  • Increase your exposure via YDLFN marketing

  • Easily search and find people with relevant skills

  • Receive feedback from fashion professionals

  • Join new initiatives and fashion projects

  • Find new opportunities to expose your profile

  • Create and support a new product or service

  • Communicate and advance your own business

  • Start and promote fashion trends and news

  • Develop and share your own success story

The YDL story...

It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together.”

- Alexander McQueen


There is no better statement reflecting what YDL Fashion Network stands for. Despite social and economic circumstances, fashion has repeatedly found a way to re-invent itself – call it human evolution. YDLFN believes that it is not the product or attire but the persons’ creative spark driving fashion. Even the most creative people however, need support from a solid network and continuous access to new opportunities.

This is why YDL Fashion Network was brought to life. United with fashion & business skills and the creative support form a group of experts, the YDLFN team has come together to provide a truly fashion-centric networking and collaboration platform.

YDLFN understand the challenges, which make it difficult to “emerge” from within a traditional system and is therefore committed to lead the way through innovation and new opportunities for its members and partners.

Our appeal...

We realize a community is nothing without its members and their contribution. We are sincere with the things we are trying to achieve for others and ourselves but will not be able to do so without your involvement. We thus appeal to you to find yourselves within the values we stand by. This is how we as a company are committed to act towards you and our partners, and are asking you to do the same towards the wider YDLFN Community.

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